Built to run brick and mortar.

Spruce isn’t your typical clothing store. It’s a men's clothier offering stylish apparel & accessories, plus barber & style-consulting services. After opening, the husband and wife team found that running a brick-and-mortar business was challenging, so they built a bot to help them better serve their customers. After completing the Techstars retail accelerator, Spruce came to us with a prototype that we transformed into a user-friendly, scalable platform.

  • Branding
  • UI & UX Design
  • API Architecture
  • Web Development
  • Project Management
  • Quality Assurance

Digits Please

Almost every retail shop offers wifi. By allowing shoppers to connect using their own phone number as their password, Sprucebot not only gives them access to free wifi, but allows them to tap into a concierge level service previously only reserved for the most exclusive shops. In return, retailers are able to learn more about their customers and offer a more relevant, connected, in-store experience.

The Barbershop team rocks. They always think one step ahead and address issues before you even know they’re coming. Plus, they’ve gone above and beyond so many times that I can’t imagine working with anyone else.

Taylor Romero – CEO, Spruce Labs


Sprucebot ❤️ Skills

By designing Sprucebot from the ground up as an API-first platform, we created an ecosystem that is infinitely scalable via plugins called Skills. From taking notes on customers, alerting arrivals, and sending coupons at the exact right time, Sprucebot’s Skills are only limited by the imaginations of 3rd party developers.

Small Shops to Big Box

Now shoppers can quickly see what aisle laundry detergent is in at the grocery store, see what styles are on trend or on sale, and even make an appointment for a fitting at their favorite boutique. As shoppers go about their day they automatically connect to any nearby Sprucebot location, making the service seamless. All without having to download an app.

Visit sprucebot.com to find out more.


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