Travelers, meet your new best friend and surest safety guide.

We teamed up with GeoSure Global to develop an Android and iOS application to answer the question we often find ourselves asking: “Am I Safe Here?” GeoSure has countless data, sources, and contexts to benefit the user as an individual, organization, or community. We needed to figure out how to structure the information in a way that was informative, empowering, engaging, and most importantly - easy to understand. GeoSure does just that.

  • Creative Strategy
  • UX & UI Design
  • Technical Strategy
  • Project Management
  • Native Mobile App Development
  • Analytics
  • Quality Assurance

Safety Information for Individuals, Organizations, and Communities

GeoSure is a global community and the Global Safety Standard™. The GeoSure app delivers personal safety information to the user based on location, personalized settings, and user submitted experiences. The scoring algorithms are complex but the premise is simple: GeoSure empowers users by letting them report their surrounding conditions and take safety awareness into their own hands.


Designing for Accessibility

Barbershop was tasked with creating a clean interface that allows users to quickly see their safety score, while encouraging world exploration and empowering them to share their personal experiences with the GeoSure community. Our team used the design phase not only to prepare design solutions for the current feature set but to also design for sustainable future scaling.

Inform, Empower, Engage

BE INFORMED with the most trusted & timely safety awareness information available. Use the power of numbers & a simple 1-100 scale to rapidly understand your safety, anywhere in the world.

BE EMPOWERED in your communities with the tools to take control of your well-being, building trust in local institutions, & facilitating economic development.

BE ENGAGED to become active participants in building stronger, more resilient communities through user-sourced experience sharing & safety activism.

GeoSure is available in the Apple App Store and in the Google Play Store. Visit to find out more.


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